Monday, December 12, 2011


I am all for trying natural ways to things in my attempt to be healthy and try to live green, so recently I stumbled upon a "NO POO" Challenge.... Which is basically where you use natural products to wash your hair.. Once I read a health expert saying something that made total sense.. "If you can't eat it and have something in your body, then it shouldn't be out of your body either. If you think about it, our bodies absorb everything we put on the outside." It makes total sense.This challenge is the most effective way to get your hair back to its natural beauty using NO chemicals..You know when you look at your pictures of when you were a kid and think, "Wow my hair was so healthy!" That's the effect that people who have beEn NO-POOers say they have gotten with this challenge..Since I love challenges, and I love to find out things for myself, here we go.... Now I am not saying I am ready to get rid of everything that's not natural which i use, but I figured I could give this a try... I made this video, to show my thoughts on this challenge..check it out,

What are the benefits of the NO POO challenge?

    • If successful, you wont need to wash your hair as often as you would when using regular shampoo + conditioners, therefore saving you time
    • You will save a massive amount of money
    • Naturally healthy hair
    • More body and less oil
This is all you need:

Shampoo:Baking soda ( For every scoop 1 cup of water)

Conditioner: Apple Cider Vinegar

Extras: Coconut oil (I use it when i get out of the shower on my ends)
Olive oil: Great for a once a week hot oil treatment... Just warm it up leave it for a few hours.. and BAM nice pretty hair (=

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Bianca Valentim said...

Awesome Gi!
I'm with you!!!!!