Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gigi's 30 days lifestyle change Intro

I have decided to combined a little of the few experiences I have and come up with a 30 day challenge that will change the way we eat and exercises.. I am looking for people who are willing to better their lives, and willing to become better versions of themselves. This is not just about looks, but also about becoming healthy. In the next 30 days, we will not only cleanse our bodies, but we will gradually become more active, and push ourselves to actually enjoy it. I will be sharing with you my personal experiences, and hopefully you will be sharing yours as well. We will be dealing not only with our bodies but our minds as well. The truth is if we don't decide and commit, we will never see the results we want. I am so pumped about this I feel like writing a book!! lol
Anyways... as a introduction to our new challenge, I want you to first go home today, and look at yourself in the mirror naked! Yes, I said it...NAKED! Tell yourself you are beautiful... (oh Gigi but I have fat everywhere..") SO WHAT? You are still beautiful.. If you're starting a new lifestyle already hating yourself you are not going to get very far.. The truth is, we take care of the things we love... If you don't feel good, you wont want to exercises and diet... You will just keep digging yourself into a dark place where you are completely unsatisfied with the person staring you back in the mirror... So before we actually begin this process.... Appreciate and love yourself...
Since we will be starting this on Monday May 2nd, I want to give you a heads- up of the things you need for this challenge...
(P.S. Al thought this is just 30 days, you should continue and adapt this to your lifestyle... you wont regret it)

Yoga Mat ( I got mine at walmart for 5 bucks)
Weights ( Walmart baby 5 bucks each)

Pick up a tea that appeals to you preferably green tea
Veggies and fruits to your liking
(Pick up Asparagus and Cucumbers for our 2 day kick start)
Everything you buy white buy in wheat,( Pasta, rice, bread)
Look online for ideas for low calorie snacks and choose your favorite
Lean meats ( chicken, fish, lamb, turkey)
Milk-Try to switch to skim or soy/rice

Extra: If you don't already have a scale consider purchasing one, it's important to keep track of your progress. I also would like if you got yourself a measuring take. I actually printed mine online for free and taped it together.. I 've also seen them at IKEA for FREE! Also get yourself a notebook just for this.. we're going to be keeping a journal... it helps allot!
I want to create a community on Facebook so we can all help each other out, so if you're serious about this..Let me know so I can send you the invite!
SO, if you're serious about this... get your stuff together over the weekend, and brace yourself for a new healthy lifestyle!

Because I feel so amazing after sticking to a lifestyle change this past year, that I want to share it with as many people as I possibly can.... Our bodies are our temples, and we must take it upon ourselves to preserve it.. Good health is a gift too precious to neglect!!!


First Time Momma said...

im in!

Yanina said...

thats what ive been doing. but ill also join. MFP has helped alot in keeping track as a food diary

Heidi said...

I'm already doing this!
good luck on that! I can be your support!

Gisela Mendes said...

awesome.. i would appriciate it!