Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am in love with Rice Milk. I always would see it in natural smoothie recipes and it caught my attention to try it out, and to my surprise I actually love the taste, it's nice and sweet!.. I did a little research to see the health benefits of Rice Milk, and why its so highly recommend among the health community, and here's what I found:
Rice milk is traditionally made from brown rice cooked with water, blended and strained to get the maximum from the grain. It is thinner and more translucent than cow’s milk. It contains more carbohydrates as compared to cow’s milk, but less protein and calcium and no cholesterol and lactose. Commercial brands are often fortified with Vitamins A and D, some B vitamins, calcium and iron.

Although rice milk is higher in carbohydrates as compared to cow’s milk, it has NO saturated fats and cholesterol and is naturally a low fat beverage. So if you want to lose weight or go on a diet,or just choose healthy, rice milk may just be a better option than cow’s milk!

Those on special diets either to lose weight and/or for other health conditions (such as heart health, allergies, lactose intolerance), fortified rice milk is a good substitute as it is naturally a low fat product. RICH Rice Milk is made from organic whole brown rice and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. It is easy to digest since it has less protein and fat as compared to dairy milk.

Reference: www.richricemilk.com

So I changed to Rice Milk when it comes to my protein shakes or snack smoothies, and I am loving my results!!! When I don't have time to peel fruits, or ran out of frozen option, I just combine half a cup of rice milk, with half a cup of natural fruit concentrate ( I always get the bolthouse farms juices..I love them www.bolthouse.com)

BAM.... it's done... great tasting, healthy, low in calories, snack or breakfast....

TIP: When having it for breakfast I mix a spoon of greek yogurt, and some flaxseed...#yummy

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