Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Let's to start to get our mindset on our challenge happening in 6 days! I can't believe it's so close... This is it.. Tell yourself.. This will mark the begging of a new lifestyle for me.. Whether your goal is to loose weight, tone, eat better, be more active.. regardless of what it is.. your health is going to thank you for this! Like I said in the previous post, I want to incorporate a little bit of everything I've researched and done this past year, in order to come up with something effective and consistent..
After reading a book by Michele Promaulayko ( the editor and chief of Women's health)called "Look better Naked" I found an amazing way for us to kick start our program and have a 2 day "cleanse" to get our bodies and minds set to healthy eating habits... This is not something to be done for more than the 2 days... This is a simple meal plan that will hit your body's reset button. I am also offering some alternatives aside from the book, which to me makes this plan a bit more realistic.


A yummy shake..
This can be something you either purchase such as herbal life or shakeology, or do what I do.. Make your own. I mix berries, skim or rice milk, oatmeal, and a dash of flax seed.. You can find tons of healthy low calorie shake recipes online.

This is the shake the book suggested.
1 Cup of skim milk ( or soy,almond,rice or hemp)
1 cup of berries
1 tsp of peanut butter (or flax seed oil)
1 cup of ice until frothy

Bonus: add a dash of cocoa powder!

You can play around with low calorie veggies or fruits here.. I bounced between carrot and celery sticks and what the book suggested which is below.

1 cup of sliced cucumbers
1 cup of green tea

Bonus: Add a little vinegar and fresh dill to your cucumbers, or make a cucumber salad by slicing a couple of unpeeled cucumbers into rounds, dousing with flavored vinegar and letting it marinate for an hour. Drain off the vinegar and keep them on the fridge. I threw in a fruit also for this.

Bonus:Drink your green tea straight up and hot. Add lemon, orange or ginger for extra flavoring. You can also brew a whole pot and keep what's left in the fridge for when you get thirsty.

Have a nice salad, make it as tasty and as big as you like.

Book suggestion:
Steamed or raw greens (pick your favorite)
4 oz of lean protein ( chicken, lean beef or fish)
2 tsp of olive oil and vinegar.

Bonus: Play with the flavor add parsley, basil, cilantro for a nice kick.

Again grab a low calorie veggie or fruit with green tea.

Book suggestion:
10 asparagus spears
1 cup of green tea

Bonus: Dip asparagus into non fat yogurt mixed with mustard for a nice taste.

Get creative playing around with lean meats and veggies. I mixed Brussels sprouts, with spinach and mixed veggies... Play with what appeals to you.

Book suggestion:
Steamed or raw vegetable
4 oz of lean meat
2 tsp of oil

Bonus: Be creative with the oil. Whisk it with some herbs to make a nice vinaigrette, you can even use it to saute your meats.

This is not hard!! I did it anyone can.. Remember its only for 2 days.. once you've accomplished this, we will go on to a balanced meal plan where you can enjoy all the good stuff you like in moderation. This is to get your mind and body set for this journey. I snacked on oranges, and almonds anytime I got hungry which surprisingly didn't really happen often... This will teach you how to not let food control you!! You can do this.. We will reach day 30 together! Start to get yourself together to do this May 2 and 3rd... (=

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