Monday, December 19, 2011

Curls without heat (=

So... From my previous post you know I am going on a no POO challenge, which has had me look into options to style my hair without heat.. (heat=damage).. A friend of mine recently posted on her Facebook, a picture of her hair with the mos perfect curls where she used the no heat method.. It go me curious to look into it and try it.. So.. After doing my weekly hot olive oil treatment,washing my hair with my baking soda (shampoo) and apple cider vinegar (conditioner) and dabbing a bit of coconut oil.. I decided to give the no heat curls method a try... All you need is your hair damp and a loose headband... Here I am before (I only did teh top half of my hair because I didn't want curls all over.. but you can do your full hair...
Here's me after... I kept it on for about 3 hours.. You can actually sleep with this as well
Here I am after getting the headband out.. I SIMPLY LOVED IT!!!!!
Here's a video of this lady explaining the (how to process)

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