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This interview is very special to me! Andrea is actually the person responsible for inspiring to start running. She's a hardcore runner, who actually started from "scratch" She went panting on her first mile run, to now running full marathons! She actually put together a schedule for me last year, where I followed and ran my first 5k ever! Andrea is an aspiring personal trainer, which I know will be successful, not only because of her determination, but also because she'll be able to say, " If I did, you can do it too!"
Gigi: What motivated you to start a healthy lifestyle?
Andy: After having my second daughter, Alisha, I wanted to lose weight. I started eating healthy and going to the gym 4 days a week in the mornings. I not only wanted to lose the weight, but also wanted to do it in a healthy long lasting way.
Gigi: How would you describe the first time you ever ran?
Andy: I had run on the treadmill many times at the gym, but the first time I ran outside was a very different experience. Running was not easy, but challenging...and I love a challenge.
Gigi: What are the biggest difficulties you have you came across?
Andy: The mental battle I face almost every day. My body wants to stay home and rest, but I have to convince myself all the time that it's better if I just go run or to the gym.
Gigi: What did you find more challenging once starting your walk, exercising, or eating right?
Andy: Finding a good balance. Figuring out what works for me.
Gigi: What are some of your health goals?
Andy: At this moment, I have a few more pounds I'm trying to lose. I am very strict with my diet during the week and am a bit more flexible on the weekends. I have 2 marathons I am training for this year.
Gigi: What would you say to someone who has never ran, and every year makes it his or her resolution?
Andy: If you are doing it to lose weight, that's great, but it can't be your only motive. Being healthy should be a lifelong commitment. At some point we will hit a plateau...as I have twice now during my weight loss, but if you view your journey as a lifelong commitment instead of losing x amount of pounds, you will eventually reach your goal. If you really want to run and love it, I would recommend signing up for a 5k to keep you motivated and focused.
Gigi: How do you teach your daughters to live a healthy lifestyle?
Andy: They eat what I eat (unless I make them Mac & Cheese loll). Also, I take them to the track every Saturday morning to go for a fun run. I don't pressure them and try to make it as fun as possible. I also don't allow them to play on the computer more than twice a week and encourage them to play outside.
Gigi: Do you have any funny running stories?
Andy: Um, I'm sure I have funny, but I did have many episodes of peeing myself. It was an issue that has now been resolved with the help of a physical therapist. Loll
Gigi: What other exercises do you do besides running?
Andy: I have incorporated strength training and functional training into my workout. I do not do any exercises that are stationary, like bi-cep curls. All my exercises mimic movement we perform on a daily basis. This type of training, not only helps with weight loss, but also helps my running.
Gigi: What would you say for someone who wants to change his or her lifestyle?
Andy: You can't worry about the weight...it will eventually come off. If you don't generally take to vegetables, make them with some extra butter and salt at first until you become accustomed to the taste. Eventually your palette will change you and you will actually like them. Think of food as fuel and it will change your outlook on food.

Check out Andy's blog:http://andisideaofblissfulliving.blogspot.com/

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