Friday, May 13, 2011

How to stay motivated....

Summer is around the corner and everyone goes crazy to get that beach body! They truth is, although this kind of thinking gets you the results you want, it doesn't help you maintain it. In order to have consistency you have to live a lifestyle, not just go on crash diets. I 've learned with my yo yo dieting throughout the years that, when I go crazy and cut back on too many calories, or deprive myself, I end up one day losing it and out of nowhere gaining all my weight back! You have to pick something that you can actually do! Healthy living should NOT feel like a sacrifice. Off course you have to have will power to choose what to eat, and how to exercise, but you shouldn't feel like you're in boot camp, or on a episode of the biggest loser everyday of your life. When we don't maintain balance in our lifestyle, we are not truly living healthy. I think the best thing to learn is MODERATION! If you're out with your family and you want to enjoy a nice burger, go ahead! But then hold back on the bucket of soda, and have a juice instead. I always think of the cartoons I used to watch as a child which had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.. It's the same idea. We have the same thing going on when deciding to eat healthy. I wanted to share some tips on how to stay focus when changing your lifestyle!

1. Make a list of your health frustrations: When you actually put it down on paper, it becomes more real. Example, I used to hate that I had no energy to exercise,and when I actually stopped to see how sluggish I was at 23 I decided to make a change. I've also had a serious problem with anemia, so when I accepted that I needed to eat more iron, I did, and now I feel great!

2.Make realistic goals: The problem with today's society is that we want everything NOW! We start to work out and within a week we want to see abs and drop 10 pounds! When you're losing weight "healthy" it doesn't work this way. Yes you can go on crash diets and crazy cleanses and drop 15 pounds in weeks, however you won't be healthy, your body won't feel balanced, and you won't maintain. Tony the trainer from beach bodies says" Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is your body" Health research have shown that healthy weight loss should consist of 1 pound per week 2 at most.

3.Pick a plan that works for you: The truth is everyone is different, so the same thing I do, might not work for you. We all know our bodies well, and we know what we can and can't manage, therefore look for a plan that catches your attention. There's no excuses.. There's something for everyone out there!

4. Don't go crazy: I suffered from this in the past! I would decided I wanted to lose weight, and out of nowhere I would eat like a bird or a rabbit, and be the lame person at parties eating one bite and saying" No I am full" Meanwhile I was starving! Did I lose weight? YES!, Did I feel good? NO! Healthy lifestyle living is not just about appearance the outside effects are just a bonus, The focus is health!!! So after making a realistic goal, balance your meals and exercises so you can feel like a normal person when making your plans and menus!

5. Rejoice with your accomplishments: You can motivate yourself when you recognize how far you go.I started doing this idea and it totally works! I look back to when I couldn't even go up the stairs without catching my breath, and now being able to run 10ks, and I feel amazing! Being healthy is a huge deal, and you deserve to pat yourself on the back when you stick to it!

6. Share and motivate: I am finding that my biggest tool to continue on my health journey is to share my experiences with other, and help to motivate people to make this decision. I started a face book group page because for this purpose, and it's working wonders. I am so pumped seeing everyone feeling good, and getting their results, that its motivating me to keep bringing it! You can share with your family, friends, co workers, join a class, group, blogs.. anything!

These tips seem pretty basic, but they are so important! Remember the person that benefits the most from a healthy life style is YOU! So take control of your future, and JUST DO IT!

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