Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthy eating habits....

I noticed I've only been posting about P90X lately, so I wanted to change it up a bit,considering the purpose of this blog is " Healthy Living." I've been trying to work on creating a balanced eating lifestyle. I refuse to go on a diet ever again! Diets make you depressed, deprived and you end up hating yourself every time you cave in and binge or give up. I am not saying I am like a robot that follows a plan every single day, off course we all have what dieters call "cheat days." You don't want to be the person at a party, or event sipping water munching on carrots and telling people, "No thank you, I am full!" The important thing is to keep a memory log, of what you have been consuming and balancing it out throughout your week. My husband adores pizza! So, if we go out, I'll join him on 1 slice, which is satisfying enough. Off course, my indulgence wants to have half the pie with him, but technically its not necessary! Once you feel full, anything over that, is gluttony. Now, I am not setting 1 slice of pizza as a must, this is something personal. For me, if i am not starving, 1 slice is enough, for you might be 2 or 3... The point is, to not go overboard to the point where we all know, we've gone too far. I am teaching myself portion control daily, which can go a long way! Another great tip I am learning is, to never allow yourself to get " hungry." I always have snacks between my meals,and I try to make these healthy options. I have to admit, this is easier to do during the week, than on the weekends, depending on what my plans are, sometimes I don't have access, or I don't have a schedule eating time like I do at work, but I still try to make healthy choices. I've been trying out different recipes, and ideas, which I never thought of, and i am actually enjoying. I also try to alternate, so I don't get tired and end up binging in something that has a whole days calorie worth in it. The trick is, never deprive yourself, just control! Example, this week I was craving chocolate, so I had 1 lindtt chocolate truffle at work, which "hit the spot." With P90X, I am trying to cut carbs as much as I can for phase 1, but on the regular I don't ever recommend cutting out carbs, just (sounding like a broken record) control your portions. So here's what a healthy eating lifestyle should consist of: food pyramid Pictures, Images and Photos
This is not as hard as it sounds.. Deep down inside we all know what we should and shouldn't be eating. Remember " You are what you eat!" After I actually began to think ahead and plan my meals, it made a world of difference, for my health and my habits. In the beginning its hard, but you get used to it, and without realizing it, you're making better choices for yourself. I am learning that to loose weight healthy, is not to drink meal replacements and drop 15 pounds in a month, and feel light headed most of the time. To be healthy, we need to make the right choices, which will result to you reaching a healthy weight slowly. Also, what helps you maintain is a lifestyle, not fast solutions! I wanted to show you what I eat on a regular day, so I photographed my meals and snack, and here they are:
Breakfast: 1 whole wheat English Muffin toasted with light butter. (Sometimes I put honey or peanut butter)
1 Boiled Egg white ( I leave some of the yolk)
Lemon Tea ( hot water and lemon)
Sometimes I have coffee either black, or with skim milk
My normal alternative to this is either a bowl of whole grain Cheerios with skim milk, or a large grape fruit with honey and a yogurt.
Lunch: 1 healthy choice soup
1 large orange
I happen to crave soup allot, but another regular alternative is a wrap( I bring a can of tuna, wrap, cheese, and spinach and put all together at work), salad, or left over dinner from the night before.
Dinner: Collard Greens
Chicken and Vegetables
Black Beans
An alternative for me is either soup, tilapia fillet with rice, beans and salad, Chicken breast with anything, whole wheat pasta, wrap, anything I crave but with healthy choices.
Snacks: I have a snack between every meal... Sometimes more than 1.... Remember the key is, to never go hungry. I vary alot with snacks, this is what I had in this particular day.Photobucket
I also like raisins, plums, strawberries, Kellogg's bar, wheat thins with cheese, banana with peanut butter, 100 calorie bags of anything (chips, cookies), crackers, baby carrots ect....
Its very important to drink at least 8 cups of water per day!!! I sometimes add lemon to my water for taste and health benefits ( see previous blog post.) I am also a BIG tea drinker, so I tend to have lemon with hot water, or regular tea throughout the day as well.
Remember, don't ever go on a diet again.... Discipline yourself to life a new healthy lifestyle!

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Náh said...

Love love love this post! That's exactly what happened with me. I decided to have a new lifestyle and I'm achieving it! Ur totally in the right track, I joined weight watchers and ppl think its the same as dieting but its not. They teach you the right portions and how to choose wisely! Eu comecei a amar comida de forno em vez de fritada! If you need any tips, just ask!

Keep it up girl!