Thursday, February 17, 2011

Need motivation......

What to do when the last thing you want to do is be healthy?

I am on my 43rd P90X and unfortunately had to slack off a bit. I recently had some issues with my reproductive area, which forced me to have to rest a little. At first I immediately felt like I lost all my progress, but, the truth it doesn't really work that way. I might had to be light on my work outs, but that's no excuse for not continuing to try in eat healthy. I've also been forced to walk more since my car broken down, so I am getting some type of exercise. One thing that has been super helpful for me these last 2 weeks, have been protein shakes. I tried a shake from a line called "SHAKEOLOGY" and I love it! I can't wait to order more. Just because for some reason you can't be as active as you normally would be, there's no excuse to change your eating habits. I have a serious problem with this... Once I am not active for some reason I feel like a slob and I want to eat junk, so for me I just avoid all together having junk at home! It's important to continue to measure and weight yourself during the time of your break. I am taking some hormone medication, which is causing me to be bloated and crampy,(and emotional phew!) so I can't base these side effects on how I actually look, but I am still keeping track, so once I am better I can keep track of what I am need to work on. I am trying to cut down on carbs more these weeks, since I am not burning as much calories. You know you body! You know what you should and shouldn't cut back or add. For me carbs and sugars are my worst nightmare!!!!!!! I wanted to share with you ways that I stay motivated....

1. Set up realistic short term goals.( I make monthly goals for myself)
2. Look at pictures of what you want to achieve. ( be realistic!)
3. Keep track of your measurements. ( Once they start to shift up, its a major reality check!)
4. Drink LOTS of fluids. ( the less active you are the more water you retain)
5. Think health! ( Its not about just physical, its about doing things that will make you feel good, and have long term benefits)
6.Focus (anytime you start to want to give up, think about all the times you looked in the mirror and were unhappy, or about all the times you had no energy, that you felt unhealthy)
7. Try new things! ( Sometimes when it comes to diet and exercises we have our minds set on what works for others, but with so much out there you shouldn't limit yourself, research)

So by Monday I should be all ready to get back into my routine, and I'll continue to keep you posted on my P90X journey!

Random thought: I tried a yogurt called FAGE and I am obsessed with it.. Its Greek low fat yogurt and it comes either with honey, berries,cottage cheese or plain. Greek yogurt is an awesome snack or breakfast option ...
Here are some benefits of grek yogurt vs regular yogurt.

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