Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I really want to motivate my friends to find some type of exercise that they enjoy. Exercise is so important for our overall health. Most of us sit all day, either at work, in our cars or at home. Our bodies need to have some type of movement in order to function properly for as long as it can. It doesn't have to be something intense, even if its just 20 minutes per day, but something that will get your blood pumping, your heart rate up, and most important that will keep you healthy. My personal experience has been with running! I always wanted to run but never thought I would be that person. A friend of mine Andrea, prepared a running calendar for beginners so that I could follow and eventually find myself running 5k three times a week. Keep in mind, I never ran in my life, so if I can do it so can you! Here's the schedule I followed when I first started my running routine. ( I was training for my first 5k)

Week1(4 days per week)

-Walk for 4 minutes, run for 1 minute walk for 2 minutes repeat 4x

Week 2 (4 days per week)

-Walk 3 minutes, run for 4 minutes walk for 2 minutes repeat 4x

Week 3 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute, run for 6 minutes walk for 2 minutes repeat 3x

Week 4 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute, run for 10 minutes walk for 2 minutes repeat 3x

Week 5 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute, run for 15 minutes walk for 2 minutes repeat 2x

Week 6 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute run for 20 minutes, walk for 1 minute repeat 2x

Week 7 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute run for 30 minutes, walk 1 minute

Week 8 (4 days per week)

-Walk 1 minute run for 35 minutes

Every week add 5 minutes to your run, a 5k takes an average of 35 minutes to run...Personally the first 2 weeks were the hardest to adapt, after that I didn't even realize the time pass. Your body will adapt, and running becomes like walking to you. The feeling you get after a run its amazing!Don't STOP AT THE 5K, i challenged myself to run 10k recently, and i couldn't believe I did it! My next challenge is half a marathon, then a full marathon. Push yourself, you'll be surprised at what you're capable of doing! It's been scientifically proven that exercise releases hormones to our bodies that fight depression, so allot of times when you have that weight on your shoulder, that feeling of not wanting to do anything but be in bed, it could be lack of exercises. Maybe running doesn't appeal to you, so look for something that will motivate you. Maybe going for walks everyday, or swimming, dancing, anything, that will get your moving and get you feeling great!!!! JUST DO IT!


Bianca Valentim said...

Very inspiring!!!!
I never thought I would a runner either.
Every time I finish I run I fell a miracle happened. It's the best feeling!
Let run NYC Marathon next year?!

Gisela Mendes said...

Oh man! I think I can!!!!