Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healthy relaxing morning....

Plyometrics this morning was a little tough. All I wanted to do was stay in my warm bed and sleep an extra hour! It took every willpower in my body to bring it. Once I was in the zone, I felt like I had drank a pint of coffee, and before I knew it, I was up and squatting, and lunging away! After my work out, I enjoyed " Soraya's breakfast." I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, Soraya, and she told me how wonderful it was to sit have a cup of tea with a hard boiled egg, and a toast with honey. "The sweetness of doing nothing!" Just sit, relax and enjoy the sweet and salty flavors, with a hot cup of your favorite tea. This sounds very simple and it is, but I was amazed to see how relaxed my mind felt when I started to take the time for this in the morning. My mood changed all together! Instead of having something on the go or having breakfast at my desk at work. I started to take these moments in the morning just for me. I make my breakfast, and just sit and relax. This is a very well balanced meal, and very low in calories.
Right after Plyometrics.. Nice, rosy and sweaty!

There are 100 calories in 1 piece of wheat toast, 78 calories in 1 hard boiled egg, and 0 calories on the tea. I boil lemon with water and have without sugar. So after a nice morning workout, you can enjoy a 178 calorie balanced breakfast,( wheat, protein) , which I guarantee will satisfy you until you next snack or meal, and take 10 minutes to enjoy and relax before you start you day!
Here we are, Egg, wheat toast with a sprinkle of honey, and homemade lemon tea! Thank you Soraya! lol

TIP: Excercing in the morning, can be challenging at first, but very beneficial! If I can do it, anyone can!

#1: Time flies when your workout’s not done.
You plan to work out, but your busy day throws a curveball, leaving you scrambling to finish your to-do list by bedtime.
#2: Your metabolism won’t boost itself.
You roll out of bed, throw on some clothes and stumble out the door on your way to another busy day. Are you even awake yet? Your metabolism certainly isn’t.The average person can expect the metabolic boost to last for 30-60 minutes post-exercise. EPOC typically accounts for a few paltry calories – 10-60, depending on the intensity of the workout. Not only does morning exercise help you burn calories during the actual workout, but its effects linger after you’re finished.
#3: It’s your choice to be a night owl or an early bird.
Tick-tock. You have an internal clock that thrives on routine. It’s your circadian rhythm, and it regulates your body on a 24-hour cycle.
Give yourself a strict bedtime, force yourself to wake up when your alarm goes off (no snoozing!), and exercise each day – even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
#4: A.M. exercise helps you sleep better in the p.m.
Working out in the morning helps you hit the sack at night. A study published in the scientific journal Sleep showed that overweight or obese women who began a regular morning exercise routine slept better than those who exercised regularly in the eveningWhy? Evening exercise stimulates your body. You become restless and alert, making it very difficult for your brain to turn off and your body to drift into restful sleep.
#5: A morning workout is better than coffee.
Oxygen, not caffeine, is what your brain wants in the morning. So instead of reaching for the coffeepot, reach for your sneakers and you’ll get all the brain-boosting benefits you need.Studies show that exercise can increase your mental sharpness for 4 to 10 hours after your workout, a benefit you can really use at the start of your day.

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